Friday, February 24, 2012

Like or Love?

..this friendship isnt what i expected, but its what i got. Thank GOD..

we have been friends since 07.07.2011 at 7:00am. He added me thru Skype at 6:58am and we started our conversation at 7:00am. COOL, huh? :) I called him, Bruno Mars.. almost 1 year, we still contact each other even both of us busy with our job. we have no time for texting each other. he send me a text while i'm working and i'd reply his text at the midnight while he's sleeping. he working at the morning shift and i'm working at the evening shift. i do miss him, sometime:)

and yes, he admitted that he's falling in love with me but that's the old stories between us:) i cant accepted it. i'm so sorry for that. but it doesnt mean that i'm gonna ends our friendship. i still want to be his friends, forever, maybe?:) who  knows?

..GOD will plan the better life for US:) do TRUST in GOD:)..

almost 1year we contact each other thru the phone, facebook and skype but we didnt meet each other. but thank GOD, finally we see each other at Church last Wednesday, Ash Wednesday. that is the first time okay.. then, back from Church, he send me a text. suddenly, he said that he have something to tell me if we meet again after this. i dont even know what he gonna tell me. is that very important or what? hmm.. just wait and see until we meet each other. question in my mind ''do i like or love him?'' GOD, give me an answer for that question..


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